Dan Snyder – your a sissy girl!!!

February 6, 2008

thanks to all that have commented so far. I have since cooled down and am thinking of the possible solutions to really turn this team around, after-all without the fans you have no backing and without backing you have no team. boycotting the games is not that bad of a solution, writing dan himself another good solution, maybe even going down the road of a good old fashioned petition to leave our fucking team alone and let the people who know football run the show. What are your thoughts? I have no problem dumping all of your comments in his pathetic lap and will continue to do so.  

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Dan Snyders head on a stick

January 26, 2008

Dan Snyder - the devil

This is a platform to voice your opinions on his recent decision to fire greg williams and all of the other many mistakes that have been made as a result of dan snyder being the owner of the washington redskins. PLEASE COMMENT. all posts will be mailed to dan snyders residents.