Dan Snyders head on a stick

Dan Snyder - the devil

This is a platform to voice your opinions on his recent decision to fire greg williams and all of the other many mistakes that have been made as a result of dan snyder being the owner of the washington redskins. PLEASE COMMENT. all posts will be mailed to dan snyders residents.


78 Responses to Dan Snyders head on a stick

  1. Eric says:

    This is yet another example of Snyder’s inability to keep his hands of out football operations — something that he knows nothing about and has no business running. Can’t we get a REAL GENERAL MANAGER? Geez. I predict that this team will spiral out of the playoffs and Snyder will again be to blame. He is a marketing wiz but A PRO FOOTBALL MORON!!!

  2. Tim says:

    Keep up the good work, Dan. I’m a Giants fan and I love every move you make!

  3. Dan Snyder says:

    I know I’m a joke. I clearly do not know how to run a successful football franchise, nonetheless resurrect one. I make Al Daivs look like a genius, and hopefully next season we can once again start over and build a championship caliber football team…………….YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Scott says:

    I’ve been a fan of this team for 30 years and I’ve never been so appalled. Dannyboy, I hate you and everything that you are doing to our beloved team. And that means something because I am a devout Christian and belive that Hate is a true sin. Hire someone, anyone, to run this team and keep your hands off of it because you are not now, nor have you eber been, a football player, coach, or even bench warmer. You don’t know SH!T!!!

  5. Ken says:

    Who allowes Frodo Baggins to own this team anyway? Danny “Inch High Owner Guy” Snyder knows JACK SH*T about football and zip on how to run a football organization. They make so much money because Snyder screws sveryone on parking, food, etc. I read that he got in trouble for destroying protected wetlands behind his house for his own egotistical reasons. Is there a way to get rid of this guy? I wish all Skins fans would have a protest and nobody show up at all to a game next year. That would be awesome.

  6. Big O says:

    How about an organized protest… Boycott the first 4 home games. Attendance 0 will send a message to the organization

  7. Angry Skinsfan says:

    I used to dislike Snyder, now I have a visceral hate for him! I bet he and Cerrato wear clown shoes to work everyday. As a lifelong Skins Fan all I want to say to Snyder is FU and sell the team you ahole!

  8. Lisa says:

    Snyder, I HATE YOU! Your have no decency or humanity! Your treatment of Gregg Willliams and Al Saunders and the entire situation was a travesty! Hiring Jim Fassel even more of a travesty! Sad that you did not learn anything from Coach Gibbs…..hopefully this has opened his eyes to what an evil little fiend you are!

  9. Rob in Florida says:

    Just another spoiled brat move by Dan Snyder. There will come a time that players and possibly coaches will not want to work for Danny Boy.

    To string Mr. Willams along until you heard he may withdraw his name as a candidate, then fire him so you can say you fired him is total Horse Sh!t.
    You Danny have ruined an organization that Mr. Cooke adored yet let football people run.

    I always backed you up publicly as someone who wanted his team to win. UNTIL NOW!
    Don’t expect me to spend hundreds of dollars anymore on merchandise cause it ain’t gonna happen. You have alienated the players and the fans.

    You are awful please sell the team to someone who cares and has loyalty to his employees.

  10. JM says:

    ET and tom cruise will be next co- HC’s

    Snyder sell the team you have no idea what the F your doing

  11. Mike from New York says:

    Mr. Snyder you said you learned alot from Joe Gibbs. I guess that was all BS cause coach Gibbs is all Class all the time. Your classless,gutless and clueless how you are handling your coaching search. What comes around goes around and your just giving this team bad karma.

  12. Angry Skinsfan says:

    Hey Danny,

    I hope LaVar Arrington bangs your wife!!

  13. Dan's_A_Cowboy says:

    Dan, your incompetency in the football arena is only outshadowed by your arrogance. I have a firm believing that you might be the third anti-christ, somewhere between Bin Laden and Hitler. You have managed to surprise me this time, even after I thought that I had seen it all. You have doomed this franchise for the next 10 years to come. At some point, will you please step back and ask yourself, just exactly what you have managed to accomplish in your reign of terror? If you are aiming to disenfanchise an entire fanbase, make decent head coaches look like the belong in the pee-wee’s, and generally run the organization into the ground, I think you’ll see you have done a superb job, not likely to be matched in the next century. Why o why didn’t you buy the Cowboys, or the Eagles, or the Pats. Then I would be in the same state as everyone else in football now, laughing at you.

  14. Justin says:

    Yes Dan, you are the owner. Yes that makes it “your” team. Maybe you didn’t like Gregg, maybe Vinny didn’t. Doesn’t matter. If you hired him and he sucked you could have brought in Bill Cowher next year and looked good. If you hired him and he won you look like a GENIUS. Now you just look like a dunce and have made your team the laughingstock of the league–unless Al Davis has his way! Tell you what: You pay me a meager $1 million/year and I’ll let you call your own plays!!!! It’ll be just like a video game!!!!

  15. George says:

    The only way Snyder will learn how irate the fans are is by hitting his pocktbook, but statements like boycotting games and not buying merchandise will not work because deep down inside we are all true Redskins fans and suckers. We will continue to bleed burgundy and gold and Snyder and cerrato both know this. BUT all of us know just how much Snyder loves his corporate sponsors. Lets not buycott the games, lts buycott FedEx, Sprint, XM, Papa John’s, 7-11, etc… Let those corporations know that they will not receive our business as long as they are associated with this scumbag Snyder. Give it a try!!!

  16. kevin says:

    DAN SNYDER is a IDIOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT he makes me SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK in my stomach to even tell my friends im a redskins fan i wish sean taylor diddnt die i wish those 4 punks would have robbed dan snyder maybe dan snyder dead would help us win some games

  17. bestmick says:

    How can a guy with zippo inter-personal communication skills, with zippo media communication skills, with zippo public speaking communication skills, with zippo business communication skills make zillions in the communications industry?

    I don’t know. I can’t figure it out.

    Anybody know?

  18. Ntlekt says:

    For the life of me, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS move. Maybe it will make some sense in the next few weeks, but right now, I can think of no other reason why you’d hire new OC or DC before you hire a head coach — unless you already have made your decision on a HC candidate, and he’s directing your moves before he’s officially hired.

    I’m REALLY concerned on the effect this will have on Jason Campbell.

    Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE spend some of Dan Snyder’s money on QUALITY UPGRADES to the ‘Skins’s OFFENSIVE LINE?

    Someone help me understand what’s going on…

  19. true tradition1946-1970 says:

    Keep it going, you were the kid who had the ball taken away from you and now you’re going to show everybody your football evaluation and people skills. A Chicago Cub drought is in order. I’ll take that or move the team like Bob Irsay to Los Angeles, that would make me happier. Very gratifying. Hahahahaha!

  20. j from germantown says:

    dan snyder is an asshole. him and his little girl friend vinny cerrato. they are the two BIGGEST dummies in the NFL. lets not forget cerrato is responsible for bringing in guys like trung candidate, bruce smith and deion sanders at the end of their carrers, most recently brandon llyod and archafuck. the truth is joe gibbs had it with his ass and williams just didnt like him. so the “best” thing to do for the team after the season we just had is to shit on the most logical choice for a coach possible. nobody cares about fassal he’s a joke himself being fired TWICE. or any of the virtual nobodies in the NFL. bottom line- the redskins will never be a TRUE contender while snyder is the owner. JUST THINK, IF EVERY REDSKINS FAN THREW DOWN A $100, WE COULD BUY OUT SNYDER

  21. HEARTBROKEN says:

    I totally agree with everyone on this blog. Something really has to be done about this crap. Everytime we move ahead CLIT-BOY knocks us back 3 years. Enough is enough. We as redskins fans have to put a stop to this shit. I suggest that we do boycott the home games until he understands that we’re not happy. WE NEED TO STOP BEING WEAK AND FIGHT BACK. THE MORE WE GO TO THE GAMES THE MORE DUM SHIT HE’S GOING TO DO. I’M TIRED OF BEING THE BUMS OF THE NFC EAST. WE HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING WITH THIS SKIDMARK OF AN OWNER IN CHARGE. YOU KNOW WHAT REDSKINS FANS THIS SHITHOLE DOESN’T WANT TO WIN, HE WANTS US TO KEEP SPENDING R HARD EARNED CASH TO MAKE HIM MORE MONEY.

  22. Perry says:

    Listen! I think I hear Jack Kent Cooke rolling over in his grave!!
    Screw you Snyder. You’ve f—ed up my sole sports allegiance.
    Thirty-six years and this is what it’s come to!

  23. Dan says:

    I hate you Dan Snyder!!!!!!! I hope your helicopter crashes and you burn in hell for all of eternity!

  24. Dave says:

    Anybody know where I can get a “I Hate Dan Snyder” T-Shirt?

  25. jane says:

    I am NO football fan but I feel SO badly for the Redskins players and fans.
    Though once upon a time the Redskins were fantastic football team., since Snyder’s ownership they’ve really sagged. It is now TOTALLY obvious that their #1 problem is Snyder himself.
    Until he is gone, this is nothing but a vehicle to make him very wealthy and fans upset.

    I know the fans are loyal, loyal, loyal. But perhaps it’s finally time to face the unfortunately reality that Snyder is a real looser who will continue making money off of them hand and fist AND has zero capability to deliver success?

    If he were a CEO, the stock price would be in the tank and his days would be numbered. Folks, it seems like it’s time to stop paying Snyder for crappy performance.

  26. Snyder's Poot says:

    Snyder knows nothing about football! Please hire a GM Snyder. PLEASE!

  27. Steve says:

    Is this man ever going to figure out that you can’t buy a football team, that it has to be built. He’s done nothing but run the organization into the ground. I feel sorry for the players. I wouldn’t want to stay on the team if I had to learn a new coaches name every other season. But I just can’t stand to see this pompous s.o.b. ruin the team that I’ve grown up with and love. There’s no doubt that he’s a smart man with a lot of money, but he doesn’t know a lick about football and I really wish he would just walk away!

  28. brennison says:

    daniel snyder…u sir, suck monkey balls. WAT THE HELL R U DOING????? get the f**k out and let someone with a brain run the football team that i root for.

  29. Darkphoenix says:

    I just want to cut his breaks…

  30. Praying for Snyders Death says:



  31. j from germantown says:


  32. DREW says:

    WHY???? You knew that the whole TEAM and all of the FANS (the ones who “feed your family” and the ones who’s interests you should be upkeeping) wanted Gregg Williams to be the next HEAD COACH. Now, what coach in his right mind would even CONSIDER taking this job. If i were a pro football coach, I would run from D.C. because of you. You don’t know how to manage a team or a coaching staff, you just run around town with your wallet open, hoping to grab someone who can turn this sorry franchise around.

  33. Jimmy says:


  34. X-SKINSFAN says:

    Well Snyder has once again whored all the “real” skins fan out there. Of course comparing Snyder to a pimp would be an insult to pimps. I started following the Redskins at the tail end of the George Allen era so I remember well the glory days of the original Gibbs era of the 80s. No doubt Snyder has single handedly reduced a once great franchise to a distant memory. At least the younger fans have no recollection of what it was once like to be great. Having had a taste of the glory days it makes being a Redskin fan now that much more difficult. Having to watch Snyder year after year the only thing you can do is just shake your head in pure disgust. Snyder doesn’t care about the fan, it’s all about the bottom line. Snyder may be a good business man but it takes more than just making money to be a good team. Something SNyder has no clue about.

    So after waiting 20 years for season tickets I’m proud to say i turned them down when they became available because i could not in good conscience support Danny boy. I guess all skins fans can do is either pray that Snyder is some day found guilty of some type of fraud (de-frauding the fans that is) and sentenced to sell the team or we can all boycott Snyder. I say Boycott!!!

  35. blkirish says:

    I’m not promoting/hoping fatalism for the man but I strongly move for dismemberment of a limb or two. Taking all suggestions on how to bring back Jack Kent Cooke. I’m not opposed to hiring a which doctor!

    best wishes my fellow Redskins fans 🙂

  36. annapolis skins fan says:

    It’s obvious that Dan is a micro-managing control freak that seems to have an ego that is diproportionate to his actual football skills or knowledge. To alienate your players and your fans to feed your overblown sense of self-importance is disgusting. What Snyder has done to our venerable redskin franchise should be illiegal, if there is any justice in this world the bad karma he has sown will come back to haunt him very soon. Dan be scared, be very scared because this kind of crap doesn’t go un punished….somehow life will kick you in the ass, you will deserve it and all Redskin Fans will rise up and cheer with glee…it will be better then beating the cowboys in a playoff game!!!! can’t wait ass-hole

  37. snyderhater says:

    can we please burn daniel snyder at the stake for his mismanagement of this team? he deserves to be removed forcefully and his wommanhood taken away from him

  38. here4now says:

    I have been a loyal Redskins fan since I was old enough to cheer them on but no more. These are no longer the Redskins I grew up rooting for. Dan Snyder has ruined the Redskins for me and loads of other fans. Snyder and his yes man Cerrato have symmetrically taken apart a beloved franchise. Not on purpose mind you… they simply don’t know anything about how to operate a football franchise. People who don’t know but try to learn the right way from others who do know are safe at least. On the other hand people who don’t know but THINK they know are dangerous. This is why the Redskins are where they are.

    Snyder and Cerrato learned not one thing about football from Joe Gibbs. They have returned to form after Gibbs departure.

    It is incredible isn’t it? Snyder is a greedy egomaniac. A tyrant who cast aside Greg Williams like he meant nothing to the team or the fans. I am of the mind Snyder fired Williams when he realized he couldn’t control Williams totally. In his twisted mind Snyder wants all of the credit for one day returning the Redskins to glory. Not one time did I hear JKC take any credit for the Redskin successes. I have heard him praise his coaching staff and the players countless times. Nor did you see JKC enflame the fans.

    Professional athletes and their fans can not be manipulated like Snyder would want. It isn’t like selling widgets or repackaging your stale product to boost sales. These are people he attempts to manipulate like stock in a store room. He will always fail because he is only a bottom line oriented business man. He has no professional sports background to rely upon and surrounds himself with lesser people who only say yes to his whims. Is there anyone alive who thinks Joe Gibbs really agrees with what Snyder has done these last few weeks?

    As long as they are Snyder’s Redskins they will only be a few minutes on the evening news sports for me. I won’t wear anything with their logo on it nor will I spend a cent in any Snyder owned or operated business. I have enlisted friends and family to do the same. It is my sincere hope Snyder will begin to loose money owning the Redskins. It is the only way he will sell the franchise and selling the franchise is the only way the Redskins I love can return.

  39. monk81 says:

    Isn’t this the same guy that wanted to hire a CEO of some company to be the head coach right after he bought the team? He obviously sold his soul to the devil to make his money in business. Enjoy hell jackass! Thank you for destroying my beloved skins, you egotistical prick.

  40. Pat says:

    Dan, I hope you rot for what you have done to this franchise. You need to really take a look in the mirror and see who you really are. You are not a leader! If you were, you would seek to improve how YOU operate and make the team better and not do things to make it more difficult to win. In firing Gregg Williams, after FOUR interviews, was assinine in my opinion. Think about what you’re doing and how it is truely affecting the team and community. You may know how to run a business, but you have no clue how to run an NFL franchise. Long live the memory of Jack Kent Cooke. Think about how WE are 23 million over the cap! Money doesn’t buy everything.

  41. Goldmember says:

    I love the idea of boycotting the first 2 – 4 games this season to send a message to Dannty Boy… If your tired of paying high prices to park and high prices on food & beer and as well as ticket prices… Everyone could help to drag those prices down…

    Danny boy will have no other option to lower prices to get people to come to the games….

  42. ImpeachDanSnyder says:

    Building a great football franchise is about establishing consistancy, building a loyal player base, and delegating responsibilities to quality people who excel at their respected positons. So what does a smart football owner do when given an opportunity to take a playoff team with established coaches, high player loyalty, and only lacking a good general manager to make a great franchise? I would have loved to find out but unfortunately in Washington we have Dan Snyder, who in just a few days squandered a great opportunity to make this franchise great again.

    I thought maybe he was starting to learn someting about being a quality football coach after he hired Joe Gibbs, but he reverted to form quickly and went back to treating a football team like some unsucessful business model. Do some research Dan. Study the great football teams, and look beyond the players. See how great football owners comported themselves, they built teams from the ground up, established consistancy, and put the right people in the right places. This roller coaster ride is not good for the players, the franchise, the fans, and ultimately will not be good for Dan as he may be remembered as the man who ended the wait for season tickets in Washington.

    When a president proves himself to be incompentant, he will undergo impeachment hearings. If only we could do that to Dan.

  43. Goldmember says:

    Maybe Dan can’t read and need’s someone to draw a picture for him to understand or maybe he doesn’t really understand english or even understand history…. We’ll I’ll put it like this Redskins Superbowls “3” / All under whom else but a coach that was with the team for years and a team that was their for years Charlie Brown, Art Monk, Riggo, the Hogs, D Green, Gary Clark etc….. Patriots “4” with a coach that has been their for years and a team that has been pretty much the same for years and then you just add the weapons. Your team, your fans, all wanted Greg Williams to push this team over the top but NO let’s promote the guy under greg Williams to defense of coordinator. Your a idiot and i don’t even know how you have the money that you do….. Oh never mind I know how you have the money becuase you screw your fans and everyone that you do buiness with I wish their was a way that the fans would com together and boycott you and not show up for games to make you sell this team…. You Suck and make me sick to my stomach you money hungry bastard…. Oh by the way if anyone has met Dan Snyder he’s a one big PRICK… I worked on one of his offices in VA and he was on the job site a few times and walked around like he was the president of the united states…. I have NO respect for you and neither does your football team… They are their to make their money becuase we all know Dan thinks Money is what wins superbowls… I would love to have toliet paper made with you face on it to clean my ass with…. Oh yeah their will be another set of season tickets available next year because you’ll never get anymore of my hard earned money which you do know anything about other than screwing you way all the way to the top…. What’s next $10.00 beers at the stadium becuase you have to pay a coach an outragous price to coach this team becuase the players just want to ride their contracts out so they can go play for a team that they my have a chance to go to a super bowl…. YOU MAKE ME SICK….

  44. RFKROX says:

    Check out my posts on nb44.com/forums

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Dan Snyder has absolutely “no clue” how to run a professional football team. This will be the 4th time he has “blown up” the team since he bought it in ’99. Until he gets a GM, he will never win! What has Cerrato done since he’s been here? Only traded away half of our picks to pick up some free agents that never worked out (see Brandon Lloyd who they traded a 3rd and 4th round pick for – great job, perennial yes-man, Vinny!). Last year, they didn’t have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round draft pick in the 2007 draft. This seems to be the protocol year-in-and-year-out. Bring in high-priced free agents, yet don’t re-sign “Real Redskins”, like Antonio Pierce (now in the Super Bowl). Adam Archeluta? Trung Canidate? Are you kidding me? LOL

    Hey, let’s have another year like 2000 and bring in free agents like Bruce Smith, Mark Carrier, Jeff George, and Deion Sanders. Wait! We did that in 2006 with Lloyd and Archeluta. LOL Snyder and Cerrato will give you $10M signing bonuses to catch a couple of balls over 2 years, and play on special teams since you can’t play defense!

    Continuity? Snyder said he wanted “continuity” after Gibbs retired. Bringing in a new offensive coordinator (before you hire a coach – ala, Jerry Jones last year), and then firing both coordinators yesterday? Gee, that’s a lot of continuity. Fortunately, they promoted Greg Blache (defensive line coach with the Skins and former defensive coordinator in Chicago for 5 years) to take over. However, no matter how you look at it, when you interview your defensive coordinator 4 times (one interview reportedly for 10 hours), and then give him the silent treatment, and ultimately fire him through a press release, then how can you, Mr. Snyder, say you want continuity on this football team? I was never a big Al Saunders fan (he had his chances while he was here), but Williams deserved much better treatment than this! Williams will get his revenge…believe me…when he comes back and kick’s our ass as a coach from another team (like the Titans or Rams, maybe?). Snyder’s stock has fallen faster than Six Flags’ stock. LOL

    Snyder has added 11,000+ seats to FedEx Field since he bought the team in ’99, making it the largest capacity stadium (91,000+ seats) in all of football (Giants Stadium is 2nd). He has done this at the expense of season ticket holders and ordinary fans to line his own pockets. I know, because my season tickets went from $79 to $110 per ticket in the lower bowl. He also increased parking from $25 to $35 per game. That is an increase of 39% and 40%, respectively. Needless to say, we got rid of our tickets last year because paying $110 per ticket is absolutely ridiculous! I used to end up selling extra tickets for $5 or $10 in the parking lot before games because I couldn’t get face value for them, during the losing seasons (which have been plenty since our last Super Bowl in ’91). In fact, why pay all that money for season tickets (we used to have 6 tickets – 9 at RFK) when you can get them “dirt cheap” in the parking lot? For all the “so-called” renovations he has made to that stadium, it is one of the worst stadiums in football, IMHO. The big-screen sucks, the lines are way too long to get into the stadium, the traffic is awful (incoming or outgoing), the concession lines are long, and that intimate feel of RFK Stadium has long faded away. M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore and Lincoln Financial in Philly blow FedEx away!

    Jason Campbell will have his 7th offensive coordinator since his time at Auburn and the Redskins. Arrington had 5 different defensive coordinators when he was here. Gibbs threw Snyder a curve-ball when he left after 4 years, but can you blame him for leaving after 4 years having to work for that dreadful owner? Any respect that Snyder gained after Sean Taylor’s death by taking the entire team to the funeral in Miami, has been tarnished by his handling of the coaching responsibilities since Gibbs retired.

    Now Snyder reportedly wants to interview Josh McDaniels of the Pats and Steve Spagnuolo of the Giants. Wow! Those guys certainly have lots of experience as Head Coach. LOL I think we are seeing “The Return of the Empire”, as in Star Wars. Luke Skywalker (Joe Gibbs and the rest of the coaching staff) is being chased across the universe by Darth Vader (“Danny Boy” Snyder) and his puppet (“Yes-Man” Vinny Cerrato) into extinction!

    But do what I do. Get the Super Fan package from DirecTV, watch all of the games in HD every week, and see how well your fantasy football players are doing on all the teams. I’m the Commissioner of 3 leagues. Sure beats the heck out of worrying how bad the Skins could be, year-in-and-year-out, with Snyder running the show! Plus, I control my Fantasy Teams. Thank God, Snyder and Cerrato don’t! PEACE-OUT!

  45. RFKROX says:

    RE: My previous post…

    My apology to Vinny Cerrato: Meant to refer to him as EXECUTIVE Puppet (not just Puppet). LOL

    As I stated in that post, I think we are seeing The Return of the Empire, as in Star Wars. Luke Skywalker (Joe Gibbs and the rest of the coaching staff) is being chased across the universe by Darth Vader (Danny-Boy Snyder) and his EXECUTIVE Puppet (Yes-Man Vinny Cerrato) into extinction!

    Also, as a former season ticket, Snyder made it mandatory that season ticket holders purchase preseason games (same price as regular game tickets) prior to the season, and changed the cut-off date to pay for the tickets to April (previously was June-July under Jack Kent Cooke). So he is earning all that interest until he has to pay out his costs, like player salaries when the season starts. JKC never made it mandatory that season ticket holders have to pay for preseason games. As long as Snyder makes his millions, he will do it at all costs at the total expense of the fans. By the way, players do not get paid for preseason games, so all of that money goes to Snyder.

    Danny Boy, Thanks for destroying the Redskins back to square-one, ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

    JKC should have given his son total control of the team instead of only leaving him 10%. Snyder has raised ticket prices several times, even though he claims he had not raised general seating for 4 years. A 39% increase is a huge increase for one ticket price increase. Heck, look how much Club level seats were raised the previous year before he raised general seating! I do not miss going to the games at all, especially with having a toddler at home. I have been to every home playoff game since D.C. Stadium was built in 1961 (later renamed to RFK Stadium in 1969). The biggest reason I did not re-new my season tickets last year was directly because of Danny-Boy, and his corporate greed ownership handling of my beloved Redskins. Besides, I can always get tickets in the parking lot if I so desire (for much cheaper than face value). It is an absolute waste of money to pay his prices to see the type of overall product he has put on that field for the past 9 years.

    RE: osalon’s post on nbc4.com/forums: Yes, it is his team and he paid a lot of money for it ($800M through the help of other investors, including Fred Smith of FedEx, etc.). But in his 9 years of ownership, they have made the playoffs 3 times (2-3 record), and have yet to make it to the NFC Champ game. How can you say give him a chance and let him take care of business when he has literally blown up this team 3 times since he bought it (4th time will be with all the new coaches coming in). Snyder has had plenty of chances to get it right, and now he will be going on his 6th coach in 10 years. Gibbs brought back consistency to this team, for the most part, and certainly had it pointed in the right direction with Williams ready to take over as head coach. Williams was not that successful as a head coach in Buffalo, but he could have been with the Skins since the foundation was there with their defense (ranked in the top 10, 3 out of the last 4 years). You stated that there are plenty of coaches that were not successful with some teams, but ending up winning with other teams. Well, Williams could have been that coach for the Redskins, because he had already helped turn around their defense, and had this team poised to continue their momentum going into 2008.

    The Redskins fan have lost their patience with Snyder, and if it were not for us, he would not even own this team. The one way to hit Snyder hard is to stop paying his exhorbitant ticket price increases. As stated previously, I, for one, got rid of my season tickets, thanks to him. And as long as he continues to alienate himself from this community and this fan base, more people will be getting rid of their tickets, as well, regardless of how many other people are on the waiting list. If this blows up in his face, trust me…you will see home games next year with 20,000 or more no-shows!

    As I stated previously in some of my posts, I got rid of my season tickets last year, in large part because of how Snyder has destroyed the pride and long-time positive tradition of the Washington Redskins. We got our season tickets in 1963, and I got rid of them last year. 40+ years of awesome memories, and it had to come to this!

    I remember going to games at D.C. Stadium/RFK Stadium when the face value of tickets were $25. My tickets at FedEx Field ultimately went up to $110 per ticket (lower bowl) before I dumped them. JKC never hiked ticket prices anywhere near the percentage that Snyder has hiked them since he took over the team in 1999.

    For all the money he has spent trying to buy a Championship, he has totally screwed over the faithful fans and season-ticket holders, who if it were not for us, he would never even have become the owner of a professional football franchise.

    Danny-Boy Snyder, your day is coming, believe me!! I just found out from a friend at work today that a friend of his wife’s just quit working at the Redskins offices, because she hated the way she had to work long hours and how it became unbearable to work for Dan Snyder because of the way he treats his employees. And if I am not mistaken, when he took over the Redskins, one of his first acts of being a tyrant was to fire about 30 employees that worked for the Redskins.

    You know that new movie, There Will Be Blood? Need I say more?

  46. RFKROX says:

    If anyone has been paying attention lately, Snyder has been putting pieces in place (Jim Zorn as OC, and Greg Blache as DC) for the possible hiring of Steve Mariucci, who has ties to both players, not to mention he is buddies with perennial “yes-man” Vinny Cerrato from his days with the 49ers. Mariucci worked previously with Blache for two years in Green Bay under Mike Holmgren, and tried to hire Blache in Detroit in 2004. Zorn also learned the West Coast offense under Holmgren in Seattle. Mariucci led San Francisco to a 57-39 record and four playoff berths in six seasons (1997-2002), but faltered with Detroit and was fired during the 2005 season after compiling a 15-28 mark.

    All of this points to him becoming the Head Coach and implementing the “infamous” West Coast offense. So while all of this sounds good on paper (to some people), the fact of the matter is he was a failure with the Lions, just like Fassel was a failure with the Giants (for the most part) and the Ravens.

    The Rams hired Al Saunders as OC yesterday, signing him to a 3-year deal. Williams has interviewed as DC for the Jaguars, and has interviews scheduled for the Titans, Rams, and Cowboys. Todd Collins could end up with Saunders in St. Louis. In fact, Saunders son, Bob (a Skins assistant) and Bill Lazor (QBs coach) will probably end up in St. Louis as well. If the Rams hire Williams, they will flat out kick our ass when they play us! But could you imagine Williams ending up in Dallas? Man, I’d actually love to see that so “Danny-Boy” could get a big-time “PAYBACK”! Can I get an “AMEN”!!

    Personally, I think all this talk about Snyder interviewing Josh McDaniels and Steve Spagnaulo after the Super Bowl is a smokescreen, while he puts this West Coast system in place (some of it behind the scenes). Would love to hear what everyone else thinks!! Given the choice between Mariucci and Fassel, I think I’d rather have Mariucci. However, no matter how you cut it, Greg Williams got the royal shaft, as did all the Redskins’ long-time season ticket holders and the fans!

  47. RFKROX says:

    And Greg Blache and Larry Brooks (just interviewed for def. line coach) were part of the same staff in Green Bay. And when Blache was DC in Chicago in 2003, Brooks was his def. line coach.

    West Coast offense run by Darth Vader (Return of the Empire) is in full force!

  48. RFKROX says:

    Well, we will not be hiring Josh McDaniels after the Giants spanked the Pats yesterday. LOL What a great game! Steve Spagnaulo is supposed to interview tomorrow, I believe. Mariucci just interviewed yesterday. Guess it is down to the following 3 people:

    1. Jim Fassel
    2. Steve Mariucci
    3. Steve Spagnaulo

    Even if Spagnaulo is hired, look at the Giants D-line, and then look at our D-line. Nuff said! The Giants had 55 sacks this year (and 5 in the Super Bowl). How many did we have? LOL We did not have the talent to compete with the Patriots (52-7 spanking) and the other great teams this year. And Spagnaulo has only been def. coordinator for the Giants for 1 year, so it would probably take awhile for our team to become a perennial playoff contender, anyway. And Jason Campbell is no Eli Manning!

    I agree with gkg. We need better talent that can play for 60 minutes (like the Giants did yesterday). Our 1st round draft pick will not be until the middle of the 1st round this year.

    The one advantage that Spagnaulo has from a defensive-perspective is that he learned everything from Jim Johnson, def. coord. of the Eagles, when Spagnaulo was the linebackers coach in Philly.

    The problem is that it is our OFFENSE that is the problem…not our defense! Does anyone think that Jim Zorn can turn around our offense to becoming one of the best in the NFL, given the talent level on that side of the ball? Look at our receivers. We hardly had any TDs from our wide receivers this year. We do not have a tall wide receiver that can decide a game by throwing it over a defender in the end zone (or anywhere on the field, for that matter), like the Giants have with Burress, the Pats have with Moss, and the Cowboys have with T.O.

    Again, it is back to square-one, no matter how you spin it!!

  49. Skins4Ever says:

    This bastard is about to ruin this team folks. Are you just going sit back and watch him do that to your favorite team? I say it’s time to regect this dude.

  50. RFKROX says:

    Posted on rotoworld.com:

    Jacksonville radio station 1010XL is reporting that Gregg Williams has been hired by the Jaguars as defensive coordinator.

    The decision isn’t expected to be announced for another day, but the Jags have found a quality (though likely pricey) upgrade for Mike Smith, who is now in Atlanta. Williams was once thought to be the favorite for the head coaching job in Washington, but the Redskins decided to pursue other options. He inherits a similar 4-3 defensive scheme with better personnel, including two of the best DTs in football. Feb. 5 – 2:53 pm et

    Think we could beat the Jaguars? They will kick our ass when we have to play them! What goes around, comes around… They had one of the best defenses in football this year, and they will only get better under Williams.

    For those of you still going to home games, you should not buy any merchandise, drinks, or food concessions in the stadium. Boycott that asshole, who is nothing more than a tyrant with outrageous prices for everything. It’s only a matter of time until a beer costs $10 at FedEx Field. It already costs $8 a beer, $5 for a hot dog, and $6 for fries. You could buy a 6-pack of beer for less than $8. This bastard has increased the prices of everything related to the Washington Redskins since he purchased the team in ‘99! He would have been perfect as a Roman Emperor (like Julius Caesar). Wait! He is like a Roman Emperor! Better watch out for Brutus and the Ides of March!

    Check out this link. As I stated in one of my previous posts, M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore and Lincoln Financial Field in Philly blow FedEx Field Away. FedEx isn’t even ranked in the top 10!


  51. blkirish says:

    I have made better decisions on X-Box playing in franchise mode. Hmmm … maybe I should throw my hat in the ring for head coach. All interested in front office and sideline jobs please foreard along your X-Box Live win-Loss record.

  52. Non Skin Fan says:

    Snyder is a joke. A very rich joke. Keeps getting more value every season. They can go 0-16 and the moron fans will still keep rooting for Dan to make more money. It’s hilarious.

  53. Lou says:

    Nothing will ever change unless the fans stop buying tickets!


  54. Anonymous says:

    Someone might say that Snyder and his sidekick did a thorough job of interviewing and searching for the best candidate for head coach, EXCEPT for the fact that it’s obvious they don’t know what they are doing. To have selected an offensive coordinator and then, days later, promote him to head coach announces to the world that someone screwed up. Apparently they dragged their feet or offended enough people that the good people turned them down and they had to look at who they already had and promote that guy. Very poor execution. If they were players on the team, performance like that would guarantee being cut.

  55. You are a disgrace to the redskins family. leave town and stop this vendetta of ruining the redskins once proud heritage. you know nothing of football and are an embarassment to my beloved Washington Redskins

  56. M. Shadwell says:

    I have been a Redskins fan for as long as I can remember. For decades I would have loved nothing more than to own season tickets. When my number finally came up this year I said, “no thank you.” Dan Snyder has single handedly destroyed this once great franchise. Also, by adding all of those seats to Fed Ex he has made the stadium too crowded so the game day experience is not a good one. Also I have crunched some numbers and found that since Dan Snyder bought The Redskins their average record has been just under 8-8. Dan Snyder is clueless. The Redskins are destined to be a mediocre team as long as he owns them. I don’t know about you but that will probably be the rest of my life. Every time i see a video of the glory days I get a teat in my eye. Dan Snyder has got to go.

  57. GOOD O'L BRONCO FAN says:


  58. Die Hard Skins Fan RS67 says:

    There’s not many people on this planet that I have met in the last 41 years that I can say I hate. Danny boy is one of them! He is a nightmare!!!! If one million Redskin fans got together and put in $750, wouldn’t that be enough to buy the team back from that little greedy bastard? Unless my math is wrong, that would be $750 millllllion dollars!!!!! If anyone is serious about this, respond here and I’ll monitor this. It would be great to have the Washington Redskins back!!!!! Thanks for reading, Ron

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  60. Debora Dalbora says:

    Unless people unite Dan Snyder will continue to steal from the public. After the McCartney concert fiasco this is one person who will NEVER give another dime to that crook…Listen up people. Unless you boycott he will continue to rip you off. All it takes is ONE GAME….JUST DO IT…his wallet is the only way to punish him..He is making fools of all of you Redskins ticket holders. Dont let him screw you over one more season, one more day, one more minute. You work hard for your money and he is laughing all the way to the bank stealing yours!!!

  61. Chris L says:

    I HATE DAN SNYDER. I arrived at FedEx field this morning at 9:30am and was ready to set up my grill and tailgate. However, Dan Snyder decided that he was going to close off ALL parking areas surrounding the stadium and redirect all traffic to the opposite side of the stadium and MUCH farther of a walk. The place we USED TO PARK was off ARENA Drive, next to Jericho Church. Unfortunately, this parking is no longer available!!! Instead of being able park at 9:30am when we arrived, we were forced to drive completely around the stadium at a snails pace and didn’t end up being allowed to park until 11am, 1.5 hours AFTER we pulled INTO the stadium!!!!! I am selling my season tickets tomorrow, F DAN SNYDER!!! GREEDY BASTARD!!!

  62. […] three. – Even a sucky team can ride a wave of confidence – Skins D is brutally underperforming – F*ck Daniel Snyder – Glad you showed up Santana Moss – It sucks being a Skins fan – If you lose to the worst team, […]

  63. Die Hard Skins Fan RS67 says:

    little danny sucks!

  64. fail to the redskins says:

    where can i get that tshirt of the sad chief?

  65. DanH8TR says:

    Wow Dan, we can really bring signs to the stadium again?? You are the best! LOL – What a schmuck!! I guess you have to go to the game to bring a sign, I know I will not be there, def sold ALL REMAINING SEASON TICKETS I had left, hail to the deadskins…

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